T & S Stone, Roanoke, VA

I have been gone most of this week but I did see the work done and we were very pleased with the work done by your crew.  Except for the fact that the trees were gone it was like they had not been there.  They did not stomp on the plants in my flower bed.  I really appreciated that because that is not always the case.  We would highly recommend the company whenever we can. 

Thank you for being such a reputable company and we thank you for your first meeting with us and your courtesy.


T. Cromer, Salem, VA

Lane Dellinger and his crew did a very good job.  They did the work that we agreed upon and did it most satisfactorily.  I am pleased.

I will be...

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S. Curtiss, Roanoke, VA

Concerning Paul Bunyan's Tree Service:  They responded quickly and were focused on what we needed.  The efficiency and extra effort beyond simply...

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